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The CROPS team

CROPS integrates the expertise of six diverse and highly experienced European partners from academia, research organisations, charities, SMEs and social enterprises with complementary backgrounds, knowledge, and skills to achieve the project’s overall objectives.

Below is a list of key people that work for CROPS and their institutions. 

Ana Costa

Project coordinator

Mariana Denis Malta

CROPS Project manager

Tania Moreira

CROPS Project manager

Catarina Azevedo

CROPS Project advisor

James Sprinks

Principle scientific investigator

Kaushiki Das

Work package 6 lead (Dissemination)

Claire Williams

Project manager

Dilek Fraisl

Work package 3 lead (Replication)

Paola Zanchetta

Work package 2 lead (Curation)

Javier Creus

Giovanni Maccani

Miriam Molina

Lead developer of teacher training activities

Júlia Lotina Cartanyà

Education policy and research lead

Federico Biguzzi

Project officer for citizen science research

Diana Giaisa Rinaldi

Workshop designer

Nicola Vuolo

Social Media Manager and head of communication

Arianna Liconti

Work package 5 lead (Propagation)

Advisory Board

CROPS has reached out to networks and communities beyond the citizen science landscape to engage potential members of the advisory board. Each of the five Horizon Europe EU missions are represented, along with experts in the broader fields of interoperability, funding, policy and ethics.

In support of this approach the following initial members of the advisory board will give guidance to CROPS actions:

Dr. Liz Dowthwaite

University of Nottingham
Expert in RRI, ethics and youth and young people

Dr. Izzy Bishop

University College London
Water quality, aquatic monitoring and management

Dr. Lucy Bastin

Aston University
Spatio-temporal analysis for environmental and interdisciplinary challenges

Dr. Antonella Passani

T6 Ecosystems
Participatory research and practice, impact assessment, (social) Innovation processes, equality and social inclusion

Prof. Paul Pharoah

Cedars Sinai Medical Center

Cancer epidemiology, breast cancer genetics, ovarian cancer genetics

Sarita Albagli, PhD

Brazilian Institute of Information in Science and Technology
Open and citizen science, climate and cognitive justice, data sovereignty, decolonial and anticolonial thought

Dr. Taru Sandén

GES - Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety

Soil health, soil citizen science, food security, plant nutrition, soil monitoring